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The nature offers the most vivid colors

British Designers Get Sustainable with Everything Must Go Initiative

Go to Alaska, not Antarctica.  Find out why..

If you were once or are still frustrated at the climate change deniers…watch this. Have a laugh or even better- “which number is bigger, 15 or 5?” :))


How old do fish get?  Today’s Smarter Every Day Infrographic helps understand!

(via greenpeace-switzerland)


This documentary is available on Netflix (for the UK at least) and I urge anyone remotely interested in climate change and biology to take a nosy at it. It’s hurting my heart and I’m only about 40 minutes in. Fascinating to find out the workings of bees in industry. 

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Fast Company- Here’s What You’d Look Like With A Week’s Worth Of Your Trash by  Photographer Gregg Segal.

Waterless toilet to set bog standard at Latitude festival
Shane Hickey,

Journalist-turned-innovator Virginia Gardiner has received backing from the Gates Foundation for Loowatt – an invention that generates power from the waste we produce

Given the nature of her quest, it is just as well that Virginia Gardiner has…

Wow! A waterless toilet that turns poo into commodity! I truly wish it works and scale up. Currently 2 out of 5 people in the world have no access to toilets and they will find it life changing!

How IBM is using big data to fix Beijing’s pollution crisis
Gwynn Guilford,

Of China’s major cities, Bei­jing’s pol­lu­tion prob­lem is prob­a­bly the worst, caus­ing thou­sands of pre­ma­ture deaths every year. Its res­i­dents are fed up. The grow­ing out­rage has forced lead­ers to declare a “war on pol­lu­tion,”…

IBM’s Green Horizon project uses big data to tackle air pollution, renewable energy management and energy optimization in China! I am simply curious to see if the data is available to the general public.

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